We are the people behind Asian Arts and Culture Trust (AACT). As a not-for-profit organization, we aim to AACT to let the voices of the silent ones to be heard.
We want to remind people that trust is not some ideal that is unattainable. It is as tangible as helping a stranger hold the door. The world might be fragmented at the moment, but we want to use our collective voices, with the trust that is bestowed upon us, to broadcast the voices of the silent ones, to offer certainties to those who are in dire need, and, one small step at a time, to piece the world together.

Meet the AACT family. And if you would like to help us empower the Asian community through arts, join the team.

Emily Gong (she/her/they) is a Chinese Canadian artist, interdisciplinary researcher, and entrepreneur. Emily holds a BFA from Queen's University and a MSc from the University of Oxford. She conducted comparative research on Contemporary Art Markets, from the perspective of how to empower emerging artists from diverse backgrounds. She lived across three continents for a decade and is fascinated by dialogues between arts and science, socio-cultural anthropology, and grassroots initiatives. Emily has written for the Barbican Centre and exhibited in the Shenzhen-Hong Kong Biennale of Urbanism.


Co-founder - Partnerships
Michael Wang (he/him/his), Ph.D., is a vision scientist and tech enthusiast. His deep fascination about how humans perceive the world around them has led him to explore how personal and lived experiences are represented in various forms of art. To this end, Michael applies his knowledge in scientific research and modern technology to collaborate with local artists in Toronto to transform the creation and exhibition of arts.


Co-founder - Operations


Public Relations Lead
Shengyu (Sheng) Cai (he/him/his) has studied architecture as a native in China, an immigrant in Canada, and an expatriate in Denmark. He is currently practicing architecture and contemporary art in parallel in Victoria & Vancouver, British Columbia. Sheng aspires to decouple architecture with colonial and homogenizing influences and explore various mediums of spatial art that intersects with queer theory. His design and art works have been featured in X University Year End Show, RAIC Festival of Architecture, Grow-Op Exhibition of Art and Design, and Sukkahville Festival. He firmly believes that AACT's has the ability to become a voice for those who were once silenced and provide a platform that welcomes diverse discourses. With rich exhibition design experiences under his belt, Sheng is eager to make his contributions to AACT’s curatorial agenda.


Curatorial Lead
Zengcong Lai is an architect-turned-UX designer that surprisingly holds an Accounting and Finance degree from University of Waterloo. Being a first-generation Chinese Canadian constantly entangled in ideology division and cultural paradox, he is particularly interested in exploring opportunities to ease tensions and solve social-cultural issues. With professional backgrounds in both public and private sectors, he aspires to advocate for real people with technology and design. Zeng is excited to be part of the AACT team, leading the website design and UX research to refine our organization missions and guide future event development.


UX Design Lead
Erin is a Data Management Coordinator with an MI from the University of Toronto. She has a passion for the written word and socio-cultural anthropology. She spent her formative years abroad, primarily in Asia, where she gained a lasting appreciation for Asian culture. Erin holds a BA from Queen’s University where she studied her lifelong love of English Literature and Language as well as History. She pursued her interest in Chinese studies at Queen’s University by enrolling in Chinese Language courses where she participated in departmental activities and events that strengthened her appreciation and understanding of Chinese culture. Erin is fascinated by the role that storytelling plays within culture and society and enjoys spending her free time pursuing her creative interests in reading and writing. She is an advocate for celebrating cultural diversity and tolerance through the art of storytelling in various mediums, joining AACT to promote cultural awareness and diversity through the creative arts.


Lead Editor
Julie (She/Her) is an arts and culture professional with experience working at various not-for-profit organizations including, Toronto International Film Festival, Toronto Summer Music,Oakville Historical Society, and City of Richmond Hill. From exhibit curations, donor relations,collection management, and to public programming, Julie has concrete experience in range of activities that connect our communities through the arts and culture. As a second-generation Korean immigrant living in Toronto, she strives to uncover stories, especially thosefrom marginalized communities. Julie holds a master’s degree in museum studies and abachelor’s degree in Art History. Julie is thrilled to be a part of AACT to make a real difference inour society through AACT’s exhibitions, public programming, and other community engagementactivities.


Community Outreach
Jane Hyeyoung Byun is a Korean Canadian digital marketing expert based in Toronto. She double majored in Human Biology and Animal Physiology and minored in Biology at University of Toronto. Outside of her passion for empowering emerging artists, she is also interested in Sustainability, and continues to support the Science community through her volunteer work. 


Marketing and Social Media


Lead Photographer


UX Designer
Chevonne is a sociologist-designer focusing on user experience and product development. Her background in  sociology, communication studies, and design background allows her to create aesthetic and feasible design solutions that link revenue to creating social benefits.


UX Designer


Graphic Designer


Social Media


Social Media


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